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Broken! Broken!

If you believe at over 30 years old he waited until after the laws were changed for Trans-folk to wear his disguise into the women's room we have a different understanding of predator, intent and disguise.

  1. Transgender - Non-binary (Transmogrifite because I'm not quite willing to toe the line required for Transvestite and I made MNCM(SS/SW) lose his appetite.)
  2. Is actually a man in a dress and won't be offended if you call him that.
  3. Wears dresses as part of his identity and because it makes him happy.
  4. Is not a threat to men, women or children.
  5. Belongs in the men's room becuase he's a man... (closest match) not because he's not pretty or passable enough if those were valid standards.
  1. Transgender - Male to Female Transsexual.
  2. Is not a man. Calling her one is one of the most hurtful things you can say to her. (Even if as a "baby-trans" she says some pretty silly things!)
  3. Wears dresses as part of her identity.
  4. Is not a threat to men, women or children.
  5. Does not belong in the men's room because she's not a man. (Note: you don't have to agree totally to avoid being disrespectful.)
  1. Cisgender man.
  2. Is a man in a dress.
  3. Wears dresses as a disguise to enter places he doesn't belong to commit crimes. (I am not totally sure but I think this is what Deuteronomy was trying to prevent.)
  4. Demonstrated threat to Women, unclear if any children were involved in what he pled guilty to in 2014.
  5. Belongs in the men's room within the limits allowed a registered sex offender.