"And a trans person, or any person for that matter, should not need to worry about "putting others at ease" in how they "present" themselves to the world either. Fuck that normative nonsense. If you're going to have to counsel a trans person to moderate their appearance, it should be because of the violence they're at risk of facing simply because they're trans, and that's a shitty reason still (victim-blaming is not what we're here for). Because you're worried on their behalf about what the guy behind you in line at Starbucks thinks? Nope, not a valid concern. He'll get his latte and get over it (if it's even a factor, and, hey, maybe it won't be!). Or he won't, in which case it's really just his problem.

Caitlyn continues with the lazy stereotype of "a man in a dress" making people uncomfortable specifically, this being a long-standing slur thrown at trans women. Newsflash: there's nothing wrong with a man wearing a dress, whether it's as part of a transition or just because he would like some fresh air on his balls once in a while but in certain contexts, the label is hurtful."

So Here's the thing Caitlyn. I've defended you against the folks that would limit you to "man in a dress." I've offered agreement with Cosmopolitan (a position I in truth never saw myself in) that proffered without knowledge calling you a man (in a dress or otherwise) is the worst and most thoughtless insult possible. Speaking as a "man in a dress" if you are ill at ease in my presence feel free to move along to your next encounter. I won't be offended if I'm not your cup of tea and I can't say I was exactly expecting an invite to the taping of your next bit of "reality" show. Keep in mind while you are at it the perjoritave man in a dress slur might just be the actual reality for some of us without your resources or interest level in furthering the binary trade-off. Should that be a problem for you find your nearest parking lot and go ahead and kick rocks.

"Caitlyn still seems to be laboring under the impression that trans people owe mainstream society a debt, or an apology, for embracing their true selves or at least that they must jump neatly back in one gender-normalized box having jumped out of another. Again, a trans person certainly can if they choose to, but it shouldn't be a mandate. That is flat-out wrong, and it is dangerous too."

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If I were willing to follow a gender-normalized box there was a perfectly acceptable male set I was already issued and for those of you whom passing is the "holy grail" I'll support you all the way as long as you don't expect me to do it.

Past that I'll offer no apologies. (Except for C-Squared, they weren't cowboy boots, high heeled or not but then I don't think that's exactly a surprise.)